Ready for fall

Ready for fall

Today I cleaned up the beds to get ready for fall. I picked our pumpkins the other day and put those out on the front porch. But the pumpkin patch was a mess. So got that all cleaned up. Cleaned up the flower bed, removed the old sunflowers and staked up the dahlias. I even found a new Bloom that was hidden under dead sunflowers and I must say it’s my favorite one so far, it’s so pretty!

My favorite Dahlia

Today I also planted all my starts. This time around I am using worm castings for compost when planting my starts. In the strawberry bed I planted green onions, cilantro, dill, and lots of lettuce. In the other bed I planted dragon carrots (they’re red), bok choy, and green beans. Not too much for a harvest but I’ve never had a fall garden so we will see how it goes.

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