Plums and birthday dinner

Yesterday I got about 7 pounds of italian plums from my friend. So today I made plum bbq sauce.

Today is also my husband’s birthday and he wanted ribs, so it was a perfect match. The recipe was really simple, I just adapted it for plums instead of peaches. I let it cook down for about 2 hours, then another hour on the smoker to add some smoky flavor. It turned out so good!! I also have had a bunch of dill leftover from making pickles, so it’s been in all my recipes this week. Today I made garlic dill potatoes and they are my new favorite way to make potatoes! I also harvested our lemon cucumbers and made a creamy salad with them, onions, and of course dill. What a great birthday dinner. For dessert we have cake pops. My son wanted chocolate and my husband wanted lemon, so I made both. Great day in the kitchen, hanging out with my loves ♥️