Corn, corn, corn

My big 3rd grader

Yesterday was the first day of school, my son is now in third grade. Since he is in the autism class, he gets to go in person for two days a week and virtual learning the rest of the week. So I decided I would get a job when he is in school, and for the weekends. I started work yesterday at a local farm, Schuh Farms. They sell all sorts of produce, fresh baked goodies, and even have cute house decor. We have gone there for years to buy our pumpkins 🎃

Isn’t the barn cute?

They also sell corn, fresh out of the fields. And what a good deal they have, 50 for $10! So of course I bought 50. Today my husband and I bbq’d them all, shucked them (after cooking), then took off the kernals. We ended up with 16 bags for the freezer. Not too bad for an afternoon 🌽