Bits and bobs

The last month has been all about organizing. I watched The Home Edit on Netflix and I was hooked. Everything is in rainbow order lol 🌈 I bought the book to get more ideas.

Between organizing projects I decorated for Halloween and we went to Port Townsend to visit my grandparents and celebrate my birthday. I love October and it’s been a good one.

Fall crafts

I love fall, it is my favorite season. I love wearing sweaters and boots, the leaves changing colors, drinking warm teas, making soup, and all the decorating for the holidays. I made a couple fall crafts that were really easy. First I made a new sign. I just buy the letters I want and spray paint them. This time I also bought some fake leaves and glued them to a cutout cardboard A. I love how it turned out. The next craft I did was making some flower arrangements. I cut down some of my shoots from my tall grasses for the base. Then I bought fake flowers for the fillers. Arranging them is so much fun. I also decorated my table with squash. I usually decorate with pumpkins but I thought this year I would do squash so that when I’m done displaying them, I can eat them 🙂

Wall art

I decorated our house pretty quickly after moving in. But the last thing to do was put up pictures. Two large walls in our living room stayed blank until just about a month ago.

Gallery wall

The first wall I wanted to add some family pictures to. I decided to do a gallery wall. I bought the frames on Amazon and ordered 8×8 pictures from Walgreens. I liked how this turned out and love looking at the pictures as I walk by. For the largest wall I wanted something that would try to fill up the space above the couch. Trying to save some money and also be a little creative I decided to make the art myself. I got some inspiration on Pinterest of what style I wanted. I bought some canvases on sale at Michaels, some paint, and painters tape. First I spray painted the canvases with gold paint and let that dry. Then I put the tape on the canvases in a design. I used blue paint as my base, added white to some and added black to the rest. I then painted over the tape in an ombre effect. I let that dry overnight and peeled off the tape to get the final look. I love how these turned out ❤️

Quarantine crafts

2020 has been a crazy year so far. As of writing this post we have been home “quarantined” for 5 months. That means a lot of time on my hands to crochet and do crafts, as well as tend to the garden. Our yard has never looked so good! So as with any pandemic, you need masks. So I crocheted some. I used some leftover quilt fabric to sew on the backside for a filter.

I also learned how to make headbands, pretty easy and quick. Another fun project was making a granny square purse. I lined it with fabric so things won’t fall through the holes.

My son and I did a little sidewalk chalk art, that was fun. I made a yarn stick, not sure what you call it. It’s easy though, just wrap yarn around a tree limb and stick it in the garden for some fun yard art.

One project that was really fun was painting rocks. I set out to just paint strawberries so I could put them next to my strawberry plants as decoy for birds. They turned out so good, that I kept going. Painted a bunch of rocks for around the yard. I see what all the hype is about, it’s so fun and creative.

I found a little stool for $2 at the Goodwill, bought some new fabric and a cushion and made the cutest little foot rest. My last project was an easy one. You know those paper chains that you make in kindergarten? I crocheted one for my mantle. Just a little pop of color that was needed. I’m sure there will be many more quarantine crafts coming, but hopefully this pandemic comes to an end soon and we can get back to normal life.

Winter crafts

After the holidays were done I was still working on crafts, just waiting until the weather warmed up so I could build my new garden beds.

I have had this large slab of wood for a few years, not sure what to do with it. For Christmas I made it say Noel, for Valentine’s Love, and for the rest of the year it says Home. I just bought the letters and spray painted them. Easy peasy!

For Valentine’s I also made a heart ❤️ garland for the mantle. Made one for my mama too.

For my son I made him a Batman blanket. It was really easy, just make a thousand little squares (felt like it) then sew them together in the pattern.

I tried a new type of crochet pattern for a baby blanket for some friends. Their nursery theme was mountains. It was actually easy to do once I got it down. I also made one for our trailer, I made it into a wall hanging.

Holiday crafts

We moved into a new house last year. It was a “new” house for us but it has belonged to my in-laws for 24 years. When I met my husband he was still living with them in this house. So it has always been like a second home to me. When we found out that my in-laws were going to move and sell the house, we decided we wanted to keep it in the family and jumped at the chance to buy it. The holidays were the first ones in the new house and it was so much fun to decorate for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I made a bunch of crafts to help decorate for Christmas. The first one I did was make a JOY sign. I saw it on Pinterest and thought I could do that, so I have it a whirl. And it turned out just like I imagined it would. A little spray paint, embroidery hoops, hot glue, and fabric is all the supplies needed.

Since I had leftover gold spray paint I painted our pumpkins for my Thanksgiving table centerpieces. Love the way the gold pumpkins turned out.

Back to Christmas..I always have extra yarn in the house. I wanted to make some yarn trees to put on the mantle. I bought some styrofoam cones and used hot glue to wrap them in yarn, added a spray painted gold star on top. I love how simple this craft was.

I made a huge star garland for the windows in my dining room. I love how it turned out but that one was time consuming. After making all the stars I used modge podge to make the stars stiff, which worked great but you had to pin each star point. I love how it turned out so I made some smaller garlands for a few family members for Christmas presents.

One craft that I did I absolutely love ❤️ I made some granny square throw pillows. They were so simple and so striking. I sell them in my Etsy shop. I have sold quite a few of these.

The last Christmas craft I did wasn’t necessarily a craft. My aunt commissioned me to make a bunch of hats for her kids and grandkids. It had been a few years since I made a hat so I had to learn it all over. But it was fun. I made my son a purple hat and he sleeps in it every night. It is so streched out now but he still wears it.