Baking from the garden

Today was a baking day, even in 80 degree weather. When the fruit is ripe you just gotta do it. My mom came over to help which was nice. I picked more blueberries to make muffins. I made them with a streusel topping, they taste like little cakes. I had fun taking pictures of them with my nasturtium flowers. This is the first year I’ve grown zucchini and I wanted to grow them big, which was easy! I made a couple loaves of zucchini bread, one with cheddar and chives. I’ve made it before and it’s so delicious. A bunch of apples fell off the tree yesterday so I decided to make an apple pie. Can’t wait to have apple pie with french vanilla ice cream tonight.

Garden update

We’re in the middle of the growing season and everything is growing well. I need to start preparing for the fall/winter season. I’ve never grown anything other than in summer so this year will be an experimental one. I plan on converting some of my shed into a greenhouse so I can start my seeds under a big grow light I have. Then I also want to build a hoop house for one of my beds. More on those at a later date 😊

Stepping stones

Our friends are redoing their patio and had a bunch of stepping stones that they didn’t need anymore. So I took a dozen of them and made pathways between my garden beds. I am still undecided on what kind of plants I want to put in between each stone. I think I might do chicks and hens. We will see, that’s for another day. But they were really easy to install, just laid down some mesh fabric to kill the grass, then some sand so the stones settle. They still have to settle some more but I like how they turned out.


For Christmas my mom gave me a big charcuterie board. I’ve been making cheese plates for a long time but this made me want to branch out on the fixings. I find it so fun and creative to put them together. Here are a few of my latest boards.

Food from the garden

One reason I love having a garden is to cook with what I have grown. It is so satisfying knowing that I grown something from a seed and made it into something delicious. The growing season is only half way over and I’ve been able to make some goodies. The first thing I made was strawberry rhubarb crumb bars. I’ve never had rhubarb before but I loved it, so good.

Another thing I’ve never had before was a chimichurri, I made it for our steaks from herbs from the garden.


We’ve been snacking on sugar snap peas for about a month now. I just took my final harvest of that and took the plant out of the bed. I think I’ll plant another round of those soon. We’ve made lots of yummy salads with the lettuce from the garden. I just planted some more lettuce. I have a patch of mint growing behind our willow tree so I made myselfa mojito, mmm mmm good. Next up is going to be blueberry muffins with the first blueberry harvest.


My son loves cakepops from Starbucks. So I thought I could give it a go and try to make some for him. I found a recipe on Pinterest. I bought the mold on Amazon and cake mixes at the store. His favorite is chocolate, I got lemon for my husband and red velvet for me. They were really easy to make. My son helped by adding the sprinkles. They were a big hit with everyone in the house.

Cooking on the firepit

Since we chopped down the Bay tree we unearthed a firepit. My husband loves to BBQ and smoke meats, so naturally he wanted to cook with fire. I even bought him a rotisserie for the firepit for Father’s day. He haven’t tried that yet but I can’t wait. We’ve done a few meals so far. Hotdogs are easy and always a hit. The salmon was really good. I even made a salmon dip with the leftovers. For breakfast I made up some hobo bags with potato, ham, peppers, and onions. And of course my son’s favorite, s’mores.

Making Brocks

One recipe I’ve made during quarantine is from my stepmom, it’s called Brocks. Super simple to make and really good. Leftovers are good to, just pop them in the microwave for a minute and you’re good to go.

The recipe is:
2lb ground beef
1 head cabbage
Can of diced tomatoes
Garlic powder
Salt pepper
Cheddar cheese
Can of biscuits

Brown hamburger and onion, drain, season
Quarter cabbage, Boil cabbage until kinda soft, drain
Chop cabbage
Add everything to big bowl
Add tomatoes
Cool in fridge an hour, keep mixing to cool
Add cheese to cold mixture
Flour counter and rolling pin
Roll out dough to plate size
Spoon the mix in the middle
Seal into ball
Bake 350 for 35 minutes, look for brown color
Brush melted butter after baking

Food show and tell

During quarantine we have had lots of time on our hands. Something that some of my family and I started doing was sharing pictures of the food we have been making and sharing recipes. So I have lots of food pictures to sort through and it makes me hungry just looking at all the yummy foods. This is just a few of my favorites. We have made this dinner many times, smoked whole chicken with an herb butter, garlic roasted potatoes, and corn salad.

Another easy go-to is veggie and ham frittata. For the 4th of July we smoked a pork shoulder and made pulled pork sandwiches and some homemade jalapeno Mac and cheese. We often smoke pork shoulder for nachos in which I make a cilantro, lime, and jalapeno aioli to top it.

Pork and rice casserole

Another pork dish is a casserole, rice, veggies, and pork loin. Throw it all together and bake, super simple and really good.

One day my husband and I were talking about a dish his mom used to make for us, chilimac. I got her recipe and made a big pot of chili. I used the leftovers to make the chilimac, so good.

An easy snack I made was blistering shishito peppers and dipping them in a paprika aioli. For a refreshing breakfast, I’ve been making fruit and spinach smoothies.

A few crochet projects

I’ve done just a couple crochet projects the last few months. The yard has been keeping me pretty busy. I made myself a blanket, something I rarely do. I wanted to learn how to do a chevron design.

Chevron blanket

I love using Daisy Farm Crafts patterns because they always include a video on the intricate stiches or patterns. I use it every night on the couch, watching TV and crocheting my next project. Another one of their patterns I loved was this cactus blanket.

Cactus blanket

My in-laws, that we bought our house from, moved to Arizona. So I made this blanket for them as a house warming gift, they loved it. It was a more complicated pattern but once you get it down it’s pretty easy. Keeping the lines from tangeling is the hardest part. I sell the chevron and cactus blankets on my Etsy shop. Last Christmas my sister made me a Seahawks hat and I’ve wanted to learn how she made it.

On my last visit to see her I had her teach me how she made it. I made a pattern from her dictation and made the hat. I will add this hat to Etsy soon. It turned out just like the original.