Spring clean

Well it’s raining now but it started out as a bright sunny day so I thought I would finally get into the garden and clean up the beds. It’s been a couple months since I’ve been in the dirt, it feels so good. I pulled up the fall carrots I planted and weeded the garden and flower beds.

I planted bok choy in the fall and it’s doing amazing. I’m just not sure how to use it! Lol I’ve never had it before. I was thinking stir fry. I also cleaned up the shed and planted some peas in my start trays. My husband had a great idea when I told him I needed to organize my seeds. I have a door shoe rack that wasn’t being used. I was able to alphabetize my seeds and hang it up in the shed for easy access. Love it! My husband and son also took a little time to jump. Our oldest cat was digging the carrots we pulled up.

Bits and bobs

The last month has been all about organizing. I watched The Home Edit on Netflix and I was hooked. Everything is in rainbow order lol 🌈 I bought the book to get more ideas.

Between organizing projects I decorated for Halloween and we went to Port Townsend to visit my grandparents and celebrate my birthday. I love October and it’s been a good one.

Fun on the farm

I haven’t posted in a couple weeks because I’ve been busy working at Schuh Farms and it’s been so much fun! I’ve learned lots of tid bits that I can apply to my own garden. I’ve been trying new produce too.

Harvested Swiss chard

Today I harvested swiss chard, something I haven’t tried before but it’s up next. My son loves to come visit to get ice cream and watch The Wizard of Oz, something we have set up during October. At work I love to set up the produce tables, something that looks so lovely when it’s all done. And for October I’ve been working in the red shed on the weekends, helping people buy their pumpkins and all sorts of goodies. πŸŽƒ

Busy day off

My goodies

Before I ran a bunch of errands I spent the morning in the kitchen. Last week my friend Justin gave me some pears. So today I canned them. It was so easy! Just make a simple syrup and warm up the pear slices and put them in the jars to can. Can’t wait to have those. After pears I started on dinner. I put a pot roast in the crock pot with carrots, garlic, onions, and potatoes all from the garden. I am cooking it on low for 8 hours. It smells so good in my house right now!

After my running around I came home and planted garlic. I planted 6 heads this year, I tripled the amount over what I did last year. Love me some garlic!

Fall crafts

I love fall, it is my favorite season. I love wearing sweaters and boots, the leaves changing colors, drinking warm teas, making soup, and all the decorating for the holidays. I made a couple fall crafts that were really easy. First I made a new sign. I just buy the letters I want and spray paint them. This time I also bought some fake leaves and glued them to a cutout cardboard A. I love how it turned out. The next craft I did was making some flower arrangements. I cut down some of my shoots from my tall grasses for the base. Then I bought fake flowers for the fillers. Arranging them is so much fun. I also decorated my table with squash. I usually decorate with pumpkins but I thought this year I would do squash so that when I’m done displaying them, I can eat them πŸ™‚


Tonight I decided it was time to do something with all my tomatoes. I filled a 5 gallon bucket with all the ripe ones. My husband and I made roasted and smoked tomato sauce. I had pans of tomatoes roasting in the oven, one on the grill, another on the smoker, and the leftover ones in a pot on the stove. I combined a few recipes but it was pretty simple. Onion, garlic, bay, oregano, and basil. I have never made sauce before but I was surprised that I only got 5 quarts out of about 20 pounds of tomatoes. I guess next year I will double the amount of tomato plants. But it turned out great. We had the leftover sauce with dinner, dipped focaccia bread in it. So goood!

Plums and birthday dinner

Yesterday I got about 7 pounds of italian plums from my friend. So today I made plum bbq sauce.

Today is also my husband’s birthday and he wanted ribs, so it was a perfect match. The recipe was really simple, I just adapted it for plums instead of peaches. I let it cook down for about 2 hours, then another hour on the smoker to add some smoky flavor. It turned out so good!! I also have had a bunch of dill leftover from making pickles, so it’s been in all my recipes this week. Today I made garlic dill potatoes and they are my new favorite way to make potatoes! I also harvested our lemon cucumbers and made a creamy salad with them, onions, and of course dill. What a great birthday dinner. For dessert we have cake pops. My son wanted chocolate and my husband wanted lemon, so I made both. Great day in the kitchen, hanging out with my loves β™₯️

Ready for fall

Ready for fall

Today I cleaned up the beds to get ready for fall. I picked our pumpkins the other day and put those out on the front porch. But the pumpkin patch was a mess. So got that all cleaned up. Cleaned up the flower bed, removed the old sunflowers and staked up the dahlias. I even found a new Bloom that was hidden under dead sunflowers and I must say it’s my favorite one so far, it’s so pretty!

My favorite Dahlia

Today I also planted all my starts. This time around I am using worm castings for compost when planting my starts. In the strawberry bed I planted green onions, cilantro, dill, and lots of lettuce. In the other bed I planted dragon carrots (they’re red), bok choy, and green beans. Not too much for a harvest but I’ve never had a fall garden so we will see how it goes.

Carrots and pickles

Today’s harvest was carrots from the garden. I also bought 12 pounds of cucumbers at Schuh Farms. I ran around to 4 different stores to find more canning jars. I finally found a store with some and I stocked up. Today I canned spicy dilly pickled carrots and spicy dill pickles. I even taught my husband how to can his own jar of pickles with one cucumber from the garden. All in all a good productive day.

Corn, corn, corn

My big 3rd grader

Yesterday was the first day of school, my son is now in third grade. Since he is in the autism class, he gets to go in person for two days a week and virtual learning the rest of the week. So I decided I would get a job when he is in school, and for the weekends. I started work yesterday at a local farm, Schuh Farms. They sell all sorts of produce, fresh baked goodies, and even have cute house decor. We have gone there for years to buy our pumpkins πŸŽƒ

Isn’t the barn cute?

They also sell corn, fresh out of the fields. And what a good deal they have, 50 for $10! So of course I bought 50. Today my husband and I bbq’d them all, shucked them (after cooking), then took off the kernals. We ended up with 16 bags for the freezer. Not too bad for an afternoon 🌽